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One of the best hotels in Azerbaijan Marxal Resort & Spa combines a charm of native home and luxury and comfort of a 5-star hotel. A spacious reception area provides you with a warm welcome, tranquil & fascinating atmosphere. With its impeccable hospitability, it will make you feel like home as a respected guest during your stay here.

Marxal Resort & Spa Complex is located in an enigmatic nook surrounded by mountains in Sheki city, at the altitude of 1080 m. above the sea level. The geographical position of the hotel makes it one of a kind and outstanding. The hotel is located at a distance of 6 km. from Sheki city center, 14 km. from Sheki Railway Station, 105 km. from Qabala Airport and 324 km. from Baku International Airport. Sheki is one of the most ancient cities of Azerbaijan and is a reserve of historical monuments.

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Visa Procedures

In conformity with the Azerbaijan Republic Law on “ Exiting the country, entering the country & passports” expatriates & persons without citizenship ( expatriates) can enter Azerbaijan Republic with their passsports on the basis of visas provided to them according to international agreements by passing fixed border zones.
Citizens of several countries defined by inter-governmental rules that Azerbaijan Republic is a member of can enter the country in a visa-free manner.
The following documents are required to apply for visa :

• 1 application form 
• 2 colour photo ( white background, 3x4 sm)
• International passport or an official ID for a person without citizenship
• Letter of Invite, voucher for a tourist visa or another document confirming a touristic purpose of a visit
• Cheque of payment of a state duty

Visa will not be granted to an expatriate with passport validity period less than 3 months or to a person without citizenship whose ID’s validity period is less than 3 months

Tourists willing to visit Azerbaijan can apply for electronic visa through the below link :

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